Congratulations, you are finally engaged, and you have just booked your engagement pictures with your new wedding photographer. Now what? How do you plan for such an exciting time, and for pictures that you will cherish forever!? And, how can you take your pictures to the next level, and also have a little extra fun doing so? Here are some of the things I always recommend to my couples who ask!

  1. Style- Two things that I think are really are important for style. Color and variety! In terms of color, when choosing your outfits for both the bride to be, and the groom to be, remember that a bright and neutral color palates flatter everyone! Also remember that when you go to print these pictures for your home, neutral color palates complement all decor and design. Now you don’t have to be all neutral. I love a good pop of color, especially romantic colors like light pink, peach, or pastels in general. But overall, to achieve that light and airy look, choose colors that are neutral and light. Also, bring two outfits! Bring one that is more casual, and maybe one that is more formal. For the formal one, wear something flown and that you can be twirled in! These pictures are so flirty and romantic and feminine!
  2. Schedule hair and make up appointments- Make an appointment at your local salon, and get your hair done. It is such a treat, and you will move and feel like a million bucks! Plus this is a great time to try hair stylists, and talk about hair dos for your big day.
  3. Get your nails done- Having a fresh mani pedi makes a world of difference in your engagement photos! It will help you feel more put together and confident, and it allows me to take some close ups of that new sparkler!
  4. Get your ring cleaned! Trust me, it makes it so sparkly and makes a huge difference!
  5. Dogs– I am such an animal person, specifically a dog person! Like LOVE them so much! They seriously make engagement pictures so fun, and they are such sweet markers of time. When you bring these furry friends along, make sure and bring a friend to  hold him or her when we break away for just some pics of the two of you. Makes it so much easier!
  6. Pack a bag– Remember to pack these things
    • Your additional outfit
    • Flats or flip flops for walking between photo spots
    • Make up and a mirror for touch ups
    • A bottle of water (especially in the summer)
    • Coat or cover up for colder sessions
    • Something personal! Whether it is a bottle of champagne, a blanket, your college alma mater sweatshirts, or favorite sports team hats! Even just incorporating just  one extra styled item makes your session unique and personal to you!
  7. Make a date night out of it! I love when couples make a date night out of pictures, because hey- when are you all dressed up- go enjoy yourselves with some dinner or dessert! After all you can cross of engagement pictures on your wedding to do list, and that is a reason to celebrate!