Just 2 weeks after meeting up with Jess & Lou for some Maternity pictures, I got to meet them at Portsmouth Hospital in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to take some hospital pictures of their sweet little addition, Leo Thaddeus. Grandma and Grandpa also happened to be visiting, and it was sure fun to watch their expressions as they met their new grandson. I am not sure how any women, especially photographers who do this kind of thing, do not get baby fever when coming to meet a baby just hours old! There is really no feeling like it, the whole world just kind of stands still as you marvel at this miracle in front of you. And as I look at the Jess and all she has done to get this baby here, and for the dads who have been caring for the family and doing all the things too. It is just such a unique, special moment in time. One that is so fleeting, and one of my very favorite things to capture on camera. Congratulations McGovern family, he is absolutely precious!