This family! We met up in North Hampton, NH on what started out as a gorgeous sunny day, all set for golden hour. Intense fog rolled in, but it actually was quite beautiful and almost mystical, so we went with it and it turned out to be gorgeous! I first met Sarah when our kids went to Kindergarten together here in Kensington, NH several years ago. She is one of those people you instantly love, and feel like you have known forever. She is so real, she is driven, she is full of life, full of love, and just a fun person to be around. She is Mom to Jacob and Brayden, and recently got engaged to the love of her life Patrick. They make a beautiful family, and are the definition of hard work, perseverance and love. They exemplify what it means to push through, and make beautiful things out of hard things. Especially the two boys they share together. So happy for you guys, bring on the big day in 2019!