Bright + Beautiful… If I could name a session that would have been this ones name! I met up with Chris + Jillian at there lake house in Barrington, New Hampshire last week, and what an absolutely beautiful sunny day it was out on Ayers Lake. We had fresh snow fall from the night before, and it was the kind of snow that wasn’t wet, it just blew kind of like glitter all around you. So much fun, just so beautiful, and well… bright! The girls Dylynn + Scarlett did a great job with how hard it was to see out there. The temperature wasn’t too bad for a December morning so we had that in our favor, so we headed down to the dock for a quick Christmas Mini session. These are the sweetest pair of sisters you’ve ever met, and I am not sure their is much that is cuter on little girls then pom pom hats and winter boots to go with your dress!