On Thursday, I met up with Sandra and her cute trio for a quick Beacon Hill mini session, and what a beautiful summer day it was to be walking through the charming streets of Boston. The city is sooo quiet right now with all that is going on in the world. But also oddly peaceful. If you have never been to Acorn Street in Boston, you have to go. Honestly anytime of year it is just simply charming. It is a small private way in Beacon Hill with a cobblestone road and pedestrian only access. No cars, no parking, and just ever so quaint and just beautiful. It is also the most photographed street in Boston. We thought this would be a perfect backdrop to get some ONE year pictures of her youngest, Benson. And what a cutie he is! Big sister Lydia, and younger brother Chip had big smiles too and just dote over this baby boy. Such a sweet family, dear to my heart! Happy first birthday Benson!