Engagement sessions are meant to be a time to document your love and your new future plans. They are also meant to be FUN! Trust me, I do not like being in front of the camera either, so whatever we can do to make you forget that I am capturing these staged moments, the less pressure you will feel! It is so fun to see what couples come up with. So many simple and unique touches to add some flair and romance to your engagement session.

Some of my most favorites are:

  • A champagne toast! Seriously how cute are your faces when you pop that top! And the arms linking around the glasses. SO CUTE! And we know that you girls got a manicure, so lets zoom in and highlight that beauty 😉
  • Bringing a blanket! I love blankets that are neutral in color, but that have some unique textures. You can do so many fun things with a blanket. You can wrap up in one, you can sit side by side on it, you can have the groom to be sit, and have the bride to be rest her head on his lap while looking up at him. Swirl her up and throw her over your shoulder! Plus on chilly days/ seasons, it makes a great prop!
  • Location! Love to surf? Love going to theme parks? Are you an outdoorsy couple? Where you are in location is key! You don’t even have to be dressed up if you are a beach couple and love the beach. Do a cute surfboard session and be in your element! I have seen some ADORABLE theme park sessions and love romantic pictures under a glittery Ferris wheel, or couples sharing some cotton candy together. Love to hike! Let’s wake up early and catch a sunrise on top of a mountain top! Wear hiking boots! We can change into heels later 😉 Or be in your natural habitat, we can come to your house and do some really sweet pictures of you cuddling on the couch, having a pillow fight in bed, and enjoying coffee together. What about the Spot where you first met? Or your first date? See where I am heading here… the possibilities are endless! As much as I love the beach, it doesn’t have to always be at a beach!
  • Add in elements of your life as it is right now. Have a fur baby in your life? I LOVE adding a dog to a couples engagement session. I always say just bring along a friend to hold him when we need to pass the leash off for some shots! Time is wild, and trends and styles change so much.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure your photos are perfectly one-of-a-kind, and feel right for you and your partner.Your save the dates will thank you 🙂