If you have not been to Wild Valentine in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, add it to the top of your list immediately! I am not kidding! I have been here several times to meet a friend for coffee and a taste of something comforting, but seriously… can you think of a dreamier place than one that sells coffee, delicious food + flowers? The minute you step in, you are just instantly at ease, and in a better mood. Espresso brewing, and the scent of delicious food, and fresh cut flowers hit you instantly.

As stated on their website “Wild Valentine is a boutique flower shop and studio, offering semi-custom arrangements for delivery and designing florals for weddings and events of all kinds. We think flowers are most stunning the way they’re found growing in nature: loose and wild.  We design with intention, aiming to recreate that fresh, organic feeling in our arrangements by playing on depth, movement, and texture. What we end up with is our distinctive “unruly” style.” Literally the most gorgeous arrangements I have ever seen! Truly!

I stopped by today, and met the owner Sarah and introduce myself because brides need to know about this absolutely perfect place to get your florals from! Sarah and her staff there were so kind, and helpful and full of knowledge of all things floral. They serve Portsmouth and the surrounding community and down thru Boston as well.

Think of this as your friendly PSA… If you are still searching for the perfect florist, look no further, Wild Valentine is no doubt the best around!