The way I approach each session is to let things unfold organically, staying focused on capturing you and your loved ones in your true form, while keeping things fun and relaxed. Candid interactions are the most beautiful to me. I am happy to help guide you a little bit, and help position you to get your best frame. I am a natural light photographer and love the clean and crisp images it produces. As far as editing, there is so beauty in all of the imperfection. If you would like a scratch on your child’s arm edited out, or baby acne touched up a bit, I don’t mind helping that way, but even still I think that it is such a special part of your story. No two sessions are exactly alike, just as no two families are exactly alike, but that is how it should be. This is about you, what you have built and created, and I want to showcase the beauty of your family!


It is such an honor for me to capture for you what the heart doesn’t want to forget.


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